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Success Stories

There was no indication that Milena would need help, an exemplary student, her mother says about her - "such a good child" . Radek, he was so open and he had so many friends until the pandemic, now he rarely leaves the house. Majka - does not talk about herself in a positive way, she calls herself ugly. Natalia deals with the divorce of her parents. Maciek does not withstand tension, he harms himself. 
What do children and young people who come to our Foundation have in common?
The difficult life situation in which they found themselves. Difficult how? The story of each of our kids is different.  Some experiences are more dramatic, in most of them each of us can somehow find a part of ourselves in them.  
In order for the stories of our children to have their happy ending, it is necessary to regularly and professionally support not only their development, but also to build their motivation and the belief that they will be able to cope, that they are not alone, that they have good adults around them - who are ready to help them. 
Here are the stories of the Ambassadors of the Impossible - who not only proved that the Impossible is just a word, but went a step further by changing their world for the better. 


Sometimes I have the impression that my life resembles a theatrical play. 

Act I: The main character enters the stage. We see a character who had to grow up too fast, and measures himself with his closure to the world and other people. He wants to fulfill his dreams, but he does not have courage, he does not believe in himself and his abilities. 

Act II: He's the same man, and yet he's changed. He consciously wants to be better, to help others, he found in himself courage, not just to enter into conversation, but he wants to fight for the most daring goals.

ACT III: Is still a riddle ... the only thing I know is that because the hero awaits a happy ending. 


I think that many people could find themselves in my past filled with shyness, lack of faith in their abilities and eternal fear, which blocked me even in the very attempt to fight for my dreams. At the Foundation, I not only dared to step out of my comfort zone, but most importantly I met many wonderful people with whom I learned how to change the Impossible into the POSSIBLE.

Olivia J

I've always had precise goals. I always had a PLAN. I have to be the best, to win, to get up after every defeat. Until I felt that I was on the border that I had moved so far myself. My impossible? Letting go of yourself. The most difficult of the difficult challenges. Give yourself space to stop and allow yourself not to be there for a moment, knowing that the world will go on. Now, I still want to win, but winning is no longer my center. It is a road, not an end in itself.


I was convinced that today's world does not like closed and shy people who are afraid to express their opinion. I was stressed about the future because I didn't know what to strive for and what goals to set for myself. Understanding myself and finding the direction I wanted to go in was my definition of the Impossible. Now I want to hone my passion for writing and learn to appreciate the smallest, everyday things that you don't usually pay attention to. I would like to be able to stop in my routine, admire the world and change it for the better.

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