AmbasSadors of impossible


The situation of children and young people of the Western world, regardless of where we live, is similar. Both in Europe and the United States, we are facing a new scale of difficulties and challenges put in front of us when raising our children.
The wounds left by the pandemic, the change in the way of building relationships in the virtual world, the new scale of problems with acceptance, finding one's way, expressing emotions and thoughts, the inability to cope with failures, the rapidly increasing number of cases of depression, anxiety and attempts of suicide, often leading to children taking their own lives in deep crises - have become our common experience. 
Work on creating an effective tool combining the preventive (protective) dimension with the motivational and therapeutic dimension led to the creation of the Identity of the Impossible Ambassador program. Its aim is to build mental resilience in children and adolescents that is a set of personality properties as well as skills and competences supporting them from coping with stress, trauma, life problems and adversities. 
At the Foundation, we build mental resilience by: 

Creating supportive peer and intergenerational environments 

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